How To Play?

(1) How do I view my bullet?

All your stored bullets can be viewed by selecting the bullet icon from the main screen. From here you can select which bullet you would like to use in your next match.

(2) How can I get more bullet?

Bullets can found in all prize chests or purchased from the shop. Premium bullets have unique attributes such as flight speed, peneration and even extra power!

My Account

(1) How do I change my profile picture and username?

Changing Profile Picture
A profile picture can be added to any Hunting Sniper account by securing your account to a Facebook profile. This can be done by selecting the grey cog icon from the main menu screen and choosing the "Secure Your Account" option.This is currently the only way to change your profile picture.
Changing Username
Changing your username is easy. Simply open the Hunting Sniper app and select your profile picture which appears at the top of the main menu screen. You will then see an edit icon next to your current name.Selecting this icon will allow you to input your new name. Once you have entered your name, hit "Confirm" to submit your new name.

(2) Why should I secure my Hunting Sniper account?

Securing your account ensures that your Hunting Sniper progress can always be restored, even if you uninstall the app or lose access to your device. It also allows you to easily transfer your Hunting Sniper account to a different device.

Privacy Policy and User Agreement

(1) Privacy Policy and User Agreement

(1)Privacy Policy
The most recent copy of our Privacy Policy may be viewed at https://www.huntingsniper.games/privacy. We encourage all our users to take the time to familiarize themselves with this policy.

Fair and Safe Gameing

(1) Fair and Safe Gaming Policy

Maintaining a fun, fair and safe environment for all our hunters has and always will be our top priority. We feel that these are the key ingredients to making a truly entertaining and competitive gaming experience for all our players.As game developers, we have a responsibility and a duty to ensure that the game and service we provide is fair, consistent, fun and safe for all players.We cannot do this without your support though! So please help us by taking note of our fair play policy.

(2) How do I report another player?

Our goal is to ensure that Hunting Sniper is safe, fair and fun for every single player. If you feel that a player or clan is not following our terms of service, then we encourage you to report them to our email(playerservice@huntingsniper.games).

In-App Purchases

(1) I did not receive my purchased items! (Android)
If you have made a purchase on an Android device, don't worry as your payment may still be processing. In the meantime, please try restarting the Hunting Sniper app: 1.Go to your device's settings, and then tap 'Apps'. 2.Scroll down to Hunting Sniper! and select it. 3.Press 'Force stop' 4.Restart Hunting Sniper! If you have still not received your items after 2-3 hours, please contact us via the email(playerservice@huntingsniper.games) and include a screenshot of your Google order number. Our support team will then be able to assist you further. The order number will look like: GPA.1234-1234-1234-12345. This order number can be found on your purchase receipt or by signing into your Google account here - https://pay.google.com